Big River Properties specializes in all types of investment real estate. This includes single family houses, condo investments, multi-family properties, and large scale apartment buildings. We work with everyone from first time investors to well seasoned developers.

Investment is the true core of our business at Big River Properties. We have a transparent and proven system of analyzing investment property, as well as calculating accurate and real returns.

Our experience begins with our own properties. Big River Properties owns and operates a portfolio of properties around the Greater Boston area. Our strategy is calculated, and our analysis is based off of real investment numbers from properties that we own and operate. 

Real estate investors with the wrong guidance can be pushed to pay too much for investment property. We do not leave out expenses on a pro forma to make an investment look better on paper. Real returns are based on real numbers. When working with us, you will get an accurate assessment of the return of your potential investment, before you even put an offer on the table.

Our large network for off market listings, also gives our investors a leg up on a highly competitive Boston real estate market.

We will never sell you a property just for the sale. We will find you a property that creates safe and solid returns. This allows you to quickly build equity, so you can come back and work with us again to grow your portfolio with a new investment property.